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Sama Multimídia

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Rua Rei Salomão, 1350 - Sousas, Campinas, SP, Brasil Fone/fax: (19) 3758-8222

    Sama Multimídia Educação e Arte (Sama Multimida Education and Art) appeared in the editorial market in the view of the need to publish literary works that would contribute to the discernment of men. Hence, from its initial stages, its objective has been significantly educative and transforming.

In this way, Sama Multimídia outstands for its originality, mainly due to the careful selection of the exposed themes, which seek to recover the true human values, provoking significant reflection in the public through the presentation of an innovative view of the History of humankind, including the contemporary world.

Although Sama Multimídia began its activities as a Publishing House, it has later extended its field of activities to music, theatre and motion pictures, producing musical CDs, CD-ROMs, web-sites and videos, most of which can be found in these pages.

Sama Multimídia Educação e Arte - Rua Rei Salomão, 1350 - Sousas, Campinas, SP, Brazil Phone/fax: (19) 3758-8222