A History of courage

Sama Multimídia

Joaquim José de Andrade Neto

Sama Multimídia was found in 1987 by Joaquim José de Andrade Neto, its current president, in Campinas city, São Paulo state, Brazil, and since its appearance in the editorial market it has excelled for a courageous and innovative posture, mainly because of its negation to subject to the tendentious impositions of the system media.

In this way, its works, because of its own idealist nature, does not count with commercially lucrative results. For that reason,it depends on a great personal sacrifice made by every one of its members, who do not hesitate to place the objective of the well-being of society over their individual interests. They dedicate themselves, integrally to the activities of this Publishing House and Multimedia, imbued of enough courage to face the obstacles inherent to such a challenge.

Moreover, Sama’s work is totally untied from any political, religious or ideological interest, what confers to the editors a condition of absolute independence. A proof of this is the fact that the most outstanding publication in the literary area – the cultural yearbook (year magazine) Humanus – doesn’t have in its pages any advertisement, precisely to guarantee the freedom of expression of the editors in charge.

All of this has made Sama, in almost fifteen years of existence, a free enterprise, only and exclusively compromised to the truth.

Sama Multimídia Educação e Arte - Rua Rei Salomão, 1350 - Sousas, Campinas, SP, Brazil Phone/fax: (19) 3758-8222